Consultant Spotlight: Charlotte Colley

Local Gov Consultants, a leading consulting firm specializing in municipal governance, recently welcomed a new addition to their team, Charlotte Colley. As an experienced public administrator with a passion for municipal management, Charlotte has wasted no time getting involved and will be making a positive impact in the City of Carlisle as their Interim Finance Director and in Clark County leading a major records retention project.

With a background in public administration and years of experience in local government, Charlotte Colley brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her new role at Local Gov Consultants. Her dedication to public service and her keen eye for identifying and addressing community needs will pay huge dividends for communities in need of critical management experience.

One of Charlotte’s key initiatives is to work closely with local officials in Clark County to identify and categorize important county records and design a unified storage solution.  In Carlisle, Charlotte will begin immediately as the Interim Finance Director and supervise all aspects of the Department while a search is being conducted for a full-time replacement. 

The motto of Local Gov Consultants is “Moving Communities Forward.”  Our mission is simple:

It’s not about competition, it’s about collaboration. 

It’s not about politics, it’s about public service. 

It’s about listening to your community, really hearing your people, and getting things done. 

Local Gov Consultants is a consortium of professionals with vast experience, empathy and a passion for public service.  For more information and to discuss your community needs, contact Pete Bales at

Published by Pete Bales

Beavercreek, Ohio City Council Member running for re-election in 2023. Please read all about me and vote on November 7, 2023.

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