When your hands are tied, it’s easy to get stuck. Let us give you a hand, and pull your project out of the quicksand. 

A big project involves overseeing a lot of moving parts, oftentimes from different people. To have a successful roll-out, a project must start with a well-crafted project plan ensuring objectives are met on time and on budget. Local Gov Consultants, LLC. realizes that staff and time are always at a premium. Even if a project has yet to be clearly defined, we can assist with conceptualization, budget development, community engagement, planning, bidding services, and construction management services to build a successful project. We will bridge the gap and bring your project to life. With over 26 years of local government project management experience, we have the knowledge and experience to manage any size project from start to finish. Throughout the process, Local Gov Consultants, LLC will monitor deliverables, mitigate risks and keep the project owner informed and involved in all aspects of the project.

Let’s build something together.


Pete Bales is our President and CEO with over 26 years of local government project management experience.

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