Sometimes the best intentions are standing in the way of truly hearing what your community has to say, hearing their needs and providing it to them–quickly. 

We know the key to completing the projects your community deserves can sometimes be based on both knowing regulatory requirements and how to navigate them quickly, and with a fresh, outside perspective. 

By bringing in a fresh perspective from an outside consulting firm, you open the door to the opportunity to move projects forward quickly.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Public Administration
  • Project Management
  • Public Works Projects
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Strategic Communications Planning and Implementation
  • Market Segmentation Analysis for Economic Development and Government Planning
  • Government Financial Administration
  • Advocacy for Local Governments
  • Advocacy from the Business Sector to Local Governments
  • Smart City Implementation including Fiber and Public Wi-Fi
  • Public Relations
  • Contract Bidding & Negotiation
  • Public Engagement
  • City Council / Management Strategy
  • Capital Improvement Project Implementation

Let’s create something together.


Pete Bales is our President and CEO with over 26 years of local government project management experience.

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