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Move your community forward. 

Simplify. Clarify. Complete. 

Breakthrough bureaucracy. Cut through red tape. Clear the path to completion. 

Sometimes the best intentions are standing in the way of truly hearing what your community has to say, hearing their needs and providing it to them–quickly. Tap into decades of local government experience paired with the ability to move outside traditional channels. Open the door to opportunity and move your community projects forward. 

Local Gov Consultants is a consortium of professionals with vast experience, empathy and a passion for public service. Our mission is to move communities forward by helping local governments and nongovernmental organizations succeed where they’ve become tangled up in time and obstacles. 

We know the key to completing the projects your community deserves can sometimes be based on both knowing regulatory requirements and how to navigate them quickly, and with a fresh, outside perspective. 

It’s not about competition, it’s about collaboration. 

It’s not about politics, it’s about public service. 

It’s about listening to your community, really hearing your people, and getting things done. 

Local governments are restricted by rules and red tape–necessarily. However, Local Gov Consultants is experienced enough to navigate through the projects you can’t, or don’t have time for, so that you can deliver the best results to the community that depends on you. 

Let’s get started. 

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Local Gov Consultants is comprised of experts in the municipal government sector. We are poised and ready to move your community forward!

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